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You are not alone – free support in times of COVID-19

You might have read about it. You might have watched movies about it. But you have never ever though it will actually happen. And yet… this day came.

With everything that goes around with COVID-19, spreading infections, the lock down, uncertainty, job lost, lack of financial liquidity, we all start feeling very strong emotions.

You may feel overwhelmed, be full of fear, not knowing what to do next, perhaps having difficulties seeing the future.

I understand how difficult it must be for you. I have been in your shoes and I also worked with many people going through the same. Over the years I learned how to work with emotions, how to handle stress, how to act despite difficulties.

Therefore, in those very special times, I decided to provide my support free of charge for those in need.  

As a coach helping people in their change, I want to also help those who feel like they need to talk to someone, perhaps get a different perspective or maybe find some tools/exercise to help them deal with what they are facing.

So if you feel like you would like to:

    • Talk about your current situation without any judgement
    • Learn how to handle your stress
    • Think of your alternatives
    • Plan what you could do in current situation

You can book a 30-min free consultation session with me. The session can be conducted in English, Polish or Japanese. So language shall not be barrier.

Although, my coaching focus is mostly on women, this offer is directed to both women and men. Please don’t feel excluded and left alone.


Support for individuals, organisations and businesses


    • Support in understanding your current situation
    • Information on how to reduce stress
    • Look into available resources you have and how to utilise them
    • Basic information on generating new opportunities


    • 30 min online session over Zoom (no application nor download necessary)
    • possible further cooperation 

We all need to support each other in those difficult times.

#pomocWkryzysie #helpincrisis

***Please note, a 30-min consultation session is not a coaching session nor counselling session.

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