Tell me and I will forget, show me and I may remember; involve me and I will understand.

Participating in workshops is the best way to learn new skills and put them immediately into practice.

During my workshops I create a space, where participants learn but are not being taught. I share my knowledge, however I am not acting as an all-minded trainer. I truly believe in what Confucius said. Doing things, experiencing, experimenting, is the only successful way for everlasting learning. 

For each workshop I prepare a small portion of theory on related topic, however majority of my workshops focuses on specifically designed series of individual and group exercise, which in a practical way will build knowledge and gain the experience.

I work with small groups, as I want to ensure, each participant will get adequate attention.

I want participants to learn from each other and draw on their experiences. I encourage to reflection, show new perspectives by asking questions that will allow you to open doors, which you might not even know that were there. I inspire to change. I stimulate to get out of your comfort zone.

During my workshops, I put emphasizes of action plan you can work on after completing the workshop. As much as I love to have you back on my workshops, I much more, what you to become independent, as this is my main goal and personal mission. To create a passionate, independent and unstoppable army of women.

I want my workshops to seed in you new ideas, then equip you with tools you will need to turn those ideas into your projects and feed motivation, which you will need while working on them.

What ever I do, I do it with those 3 focus areas in my mind:


However it is YOU who decide what those mean to you. And my role is to support you in your journey.

My workshops are focusing on few areas:

  • Managing change
  • Managing yourself in time
  • Re-designing your life
  • Building your independence
  • Cross-culture communication


What: Rozwojowy Event Polek w Sydney

When: Saturday, 23rd of October

Time: 10-1 pm

Location: Level 4, 39 Liverpool Street, Sydney

Language: Polish

Registration:  On FB HERE

Aga Szczesniak workshope for women in Sydney