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The mystery of the hallway

Yesterday I had a very interesting conversation with my fantastic neighbour. As the end of the year is coming inexorably, we shortly looked back on what happened in 2019 and what we are looking for to see in upcoming 2020.

Our conversation moved towards transition and changes, which we all experience to some extent.  Whenever we decide to take a step in our life, we enter into the transition phase. We are not anymore in the past, but we are not yet in the future. It is the moment, in which we are taking appropriate actions to get ready and make the new happen. Think of this as a hallway. You leave one room to enter to another. Sometimes it feels like we stuck there for good. Like, the change we want to see never comes. But remember, you can’t be in the hallway forever. You can either go back or open the door to the next room.

Since you already know, what is behind one door, I would like to encourage you to be patient and determined enough to see what is waiting for you behind next door! And for sure your courage will be rewarded!

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