There is nothing more powerful than people willing to share their experiences of working with me!


Ali“I have had the pleasure to work with Aga on some projects and I must say Aga is a creative and forward-thinking person who has an uncanny ability to anticipate changes that will directly impact the business and accurately formulate plans to act accordingly. She is an out of the box thinker who can take bold action when the situation calls for it, always doing what is necessary to ensure the success of the company and the team .

Aga is a very customer-oriented person. She understands partners needs and has a strong willingness to establish fruitful business relations with them. Aga has a high level of positive energy, it’s very nice to work with her.

I would recommend Aga to anyone, she will be an asset to any company and her exceptional leadership abilities and style makes her an exceptional individual.”

– Ali Shareef, Global Field Sales Director @ IDG Connect, UK



Jac“Aga is a brilliant leader who is a strong communicator and people oriented. Any organisation would be lucky to have her as part of their team.”

– Jacqueline Herbath, Global Transformation IT Consultant, Australia



in“Aga is incredible. She thrives in a foreign environment where male dominates. When we meet, she is very focus and never bit around the bush. It is very easy to communicate and work with her. You could easily spot her effort in getting things done! Well done Aga!”

– Jin Chong, Managing Director @7-Network Pte Ltd, Singapore


Jimmy“Aga is a free thinking leader that has an incredible ability to connect with people from all types of cultures. In addition to having significant corporate success, Aga has a natural talent for coaching people to reach their potential.”

– Jimmy McGann, Commercial Director @ Pulse iD, Hong Kong/Singapore



Cathrine“I have been fortunate to work with Aga on a couple of projects, including one large research and content creation project. On integrated projects like these it can be difficult to progress and keep to deadlines, however Aga is a seasoned professional and is confident and proactive in taking decisions making my job a lot easier. Aga has a clear vision for the end deliverable and makes herself available to ensure a successful outcome of the project. I would welcome an opportunity to work with Aga in the future.”

– Catherine Kopik, Digital Solutions Manager @ IDG, UK


Michael“I have known Aga for a little over two years while working on a few projects together. Recently I was assigned to Japan HQ for a year which I had more chance working with her. Aga is very knowledgeable and persuasive sale person. Always can convince her way with her aggressive approach. Even thou she is aggressive over work but she is definitely a very friendly and easy person to work with.”

– Michael (Wing Po) Lau, NTT Com Asia, Hong Kong



Tsutsui“Aga-san has been chosen among 3 executive intern candidate sent from EU, and I have chosen her based on her wide variety of international work experience, integrity and clear vision for career development.

Sony Corporate External Relations Division has mission to advocate public policy to enable business innovation and crate shared social value.
In there, Aga-san was actively contributed to research, analyse and propose global internet policy focusing on Internet. Her study on Personal Data Protection is a very hot issue in the internet policy debate and she made visible achievement in the advocacy.

As a representative of Poland, she communicated very passionately to our employee to know many aspect of Poland, and her volunteer English communication course inspired many staff to speak out in English.

I recommend anyone who is looking for professional business leader who has competence in marketing, communication and management.
I am delighted to speak to potential employer directly on the phone or e-mail either in English or Japanese.

I wish her passion to bridge Japan and Poland in business will take place very shortly.”

– Ryuji (Ron) Tsutsui, CEO @WWF Japan



Helmar“I worked with Aga in order to promote the sale of NTT’s ITSM services. During that time I found her a very driven professional and a good colleague. Optimistic and dependable. It was always a pleasure to work with her.”

– Helmar Ten Winkekl, SVP @Emerio, Singapore



Madiha“Agnieszka and I have worked across our functions on various projects during the Graduate Sales Associates’ Program in Netherlands. I found Agnieszka to be a good team player, and also showing strong leadership skills where required to do so. She’s got an openness about her that invites people to feel part of the team and she’s able to gain their trust quickly, making it fun and interesting to work with her. She’s got a positive outlook that makes working with her a pleasure.”

– Madiha Sayyed, PSC @Google


Katia“Cooperation with Aga is incredibly energizing and inspiring. Thanks to cross-cultural exposure and a sense of humor Aga communicates effectively with people of all backgrounds. She manages every project with open mind and full commitment. Aga doesn’t know the word ‘impossible’.
I’m sure our paths will cross again and we work together.”

– Katia Sulej-Chhugani, Business Culture Consultant


Nur“I had the pleasure of working with Aga as she was the lead for her suite of services, and I was part of the team providing marketing support in our APAC region. Despite the distance (she’s based in Tokyo, and I in KL), we managed to both communicate and work well, thanks to her strong leadership skills and her resilience in getting the job done. She is the kind of person who knows what she wants and how to get it, making her a joy to work with. She is efficient and very thorough in her work, always taking the extra initiative to make things better. I also appreciated her thoughtfulness when dealing with our local team, and do certainly hope that our paths cross again in the future both career wise as well as personally, as if you’re lucky enough to know – she both works hard and plays hard too – a great combination and a definite asset to any organisation.”

– Nur Zakuan, Marketing Manager, Malaysia


“Aga has continued to impress me with her professionalism, dedication and commitment to her work and personal life. From the time I met Aga, I was amazed at her passion for work and for the people around her and her honest attitude and approach to everything she does.
I had the pleasure of completing the Dale Carnegie course for Effective Communications & Human Relations with Aga and during the time learned a lot from her stories and experience which in turn also helped me improve on my approach to communication. I would not hesitate to welcome Aga to my organization should she be interested!”

– Nigel Vellis, Senior Account Director @Skillhouse K.K., Japan


Deependra“I had the privilege of working with Aga for the past couple of years driving sales initiatives for managed services. Aga is proactive, result oriented, responsible and someone who is technically sound and is always ready to put all his energy and time to get the job done. She sees and can address everything from the big picture to the details. Aga is creative, analytic, energetic, solutions oriented and highly motivated with great communication skills. She is a great asset to any company.”

– Deependra Shukla, Managed Service Expert @NetMagic, India


Tony“Aga is an amazing woman doing thousands of things at the same time and motivating and inspiring her environment. She was eager to study Japanese language. She is a natural leader. She works very well in the difficult international environment. I would do recommend Aga for challenging projects as it seems that she is really good in coming up with the out of box solutions. It was great working with her!”

– Toni Alcaide, PM @Danone


Gark“Aga is a high performance senior business development executive with extensive international experience.
In business, Aga ticks all the boxes you would look for in a business partner or colleague: dynamic, driven, result oriented, professional and responsive.
In person, she is someone you will be happy to have as a friend: friendly, warm, interesting, helpful.
I look forward to working with Aga on our next business collaboration.”

– Gark Tan, GM @Mersive, Singapore


Magda S“I had the pleasure to work with Aga and to experience her enthusiasm, creativity and innovative thinking approach. She is a great achiever, hard worker and high quality manager. All the projects she works on are well managed and well prepared. I was deeply impressed by her knowledge of immediate and future development needs of leading-edge technologies. I truly recommend Aga to any serious and quality organization that is looking for great and talented people to help them excel in their marketplace.”

– Magdalena Miaskiewicz – Sewastianowicz, Regional Marketing Manager @F5 Networks


Magda O“I met Aga in Malaysia, while she was developing new market for her Japanese company. She is a great networker! Observing how she is proceeding with her business in Malaysia, makes me feel that there is nothing that she cannot cope with! She has a huge knowledge of business promotion and international sales which she was using to develop new partners here. She can also very easily adjust to different cultures which is a must be in the global business. I very much enjoy doing business with her, and without a doubt I can recommend her to work with.”

– Magdalena Ognenoska, BDM @KPMG Malaysia


Jose“I have been working and studying with Aga for the past year during our training in Japan and I can only say positive things about her.
She has a very good background related to international business and team work. After 5 minutes conversation with her one can realize the knowledge she has about international relationships and business issues.
After this year spent in Japan and the internship at Sony, she gained good abilities in Japanese business environment, as well as a noticeable improvement in his level of Japanese.
I can only say that I would be always happy to work with her in any project.”

– Jose Novo, KAM @Toyo Ink, Japan


Vicente“I had the pleasure to share with Aga almost one year at the Executive Training Program run by Waseda University an funded by the EU.
In that time I worked with her in different projects and I was really impressed by her motivation, strong commitment and adaptability.
Moreover, after the ETP she is without any doubt a very valuable asset for any company operating in Japan.”

– Vicente Berbegall, Omnicommerce Leader @Decathlon Japan


“I have worked closely with Aga in Japan and I highly recommend her for any position she may seek. She has always demonstrated initiative and positive attitude, She is an excellent team leader and thanks to her good character, she gets on well with people with different backgrounds and nationalities. She is perseverant and hard worker and possess strong communication skills.”

– Marta Salgueiro Fuentes, Arabamar GC SL, Spain


More references you can read at my LinkedIn profile.