One day I had a dream Aga Szczesniak in AgaNOW

One day I had a dream…

… I saw women who are happy, feel confident and have control of their life.
I saw independent women who feel fulfilled and who know what they want from life.
I saw women who are proud of their careers and reach for their goals. Who live without restrictions and fear. Who have control over their finance. Who found satisfying life-work balance. Who have passions and dreams.
I saw women who support each other.
One day I had a dream…
And then I woke up and I knew what I need to do!

Since I can remember I always felt the need to support women in achieving their goals. Maybe this is because in my +15 years of professional career I couldn’t really county on any help? Or maybe, because by working in a male dominated industries I could see how little women are helping each other?

Either way, at first in a bit different form, perhaps even with bit unstructured vision, agaNOW! was created. Over the years, the vision was becoming more clear – to support women in their journey to independence. I wanted to see women who are confident enough, to willingly help other women. I wanted to see women, who have financial independence and don’t need to ask their husbands for money. I wanted to see women who understand the necessity of taking a good care of themselves and find time for study and skill up to secure their future.
Today, agaNOW! is a creative space for independent women, where together we exchange our experiences and develop new skills. Where as a community we can grow and support each other.

Why me?
Because I believe I have a lot of knowledge and experience I can share with you. Because I believe in constant learning. Because I am a living example of getting out of the comfort zone(s) and deploy necessary changes to excel in life and most of all, leaving stereotypes and what holds us back behind and follow the dreams.
I have been living and working in 7 countries, on 3 continents and 2 islands. I do know in-side-out what it means to “live the change”, face fear and unknown. I have 5 business degrees, I speak +3 languages. I was the only (and the youngest) female, foreigner Senior Manager in one of the largest Japanese IT corporations. In 2017 International Network Of Women Entrepreneurship Ambassadors and PREMIER International Business Club recognized me as one of the inspirational business women and not only awarded me with the title of Entrepreneurship Women 2017 but also invited to co-write a book “Business Inspirations of Polish women in the world”.
But journey to success, is never simple. Over the years, I experienced what it means to be on the top, but I also know how it feels to be at the button questioning the sense of everything.

I cannot count how many times in my life I heard “you won’t succeed”, “this is not for you”, “you are not good enough”, “you better do something different”. But even though sometimes it was weakening me, I never gave up! Today I am stronger than I ever was before. I am wiser and as never before, I respect life and its unpredictability.

I believe together we can do miracles and build empires!

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