“Mentor – an experienced and trusted person who supports and encourages people to develop specific skills and knowledge that will maximise their business potential and improve their performance”


Looking back, I wish I have had a mentor in my early years, as that would help me avoid a number of pitfalls in my career and business life, would probably help me sooner realise my right direction and most probably would help me avoid some mistakes I made.

This is why I am here to help young people, mid-career professionals and women in important aspects of their careers.

I strongly believe that having a right mentor can help advancing our professional and private lives.

Over the years, I developed high-impact mentoring program which allows to

  • Understand who you are and what your strengths are and use them effectively to achieve your dreams and goals
  • Understand what holds you back and how to overcome it
  • Learn how to build strong network and effectively utilise it for a job search, social selling, getting job promotion, increase your budget etc.

In my mentoring program, I use a number of tools, which I select individually based on mentoring objective we set up.

I can help you develop your business through improved planning, performance and productivity. It can broaden your business networks, which can help you identify new opportunities, ideas and innovative solutions for your business.

Above that my professional expertise lies in APAC market and cross-culture communication.

I am also an active coach. To learn more about it, click HERE.

Benefits of having mentor

  • Having someone who without judging will advise you on career or work related issues
  • Having someone who can help you analyse plan/strategy/project indicating strong and weak points
  • Obtaining advice, support and guidance



Mentoring vs Coaching

In my work, depending on the needs, I will mix the best-of- bread of tools and methodologies of both,

Mentoring is a long-term, professional relationship that focusses on developing the whole person, rather than accomplishing a set task. It takes time to cultivate this relationship and involves building trust, identifying areas in which YOU (the mentee) needs support (personally and professionally), and working together to develop a long-term strategy for attainment.

Coaching is a short-term, structured agreement whereby a coach helps an individual to achieve specific task objectives. Coaching is performance orientated and lasts until the individual’s goals are met.