It’s a man’s world Time management for women Aga Szczesniak

It’s a man’s world – Time management for women

Since we are getting to know each other, let me give you a bit of glimpse on my life.

If you ask people around me, how they would describe me, you will probably hear that I am pretty damn organized, and I carry unbelievable number of projects on me. You will also hear that it’s difficult to keep a track in which country I currently am. I work on the managerial position in a global corporation and suitcase is one of my (not that) best friend (don’t be mistaken that being a road warrior is a paradise lol). I have my own Non-Profit Organization (NPO). I write books. I take care of a home. I also have hobbies and passions. Every now and then I will come up with a new initiative and in a magic way I will always find time for all of that. One thing I can tell you for sure. It’s not a magic babe!

Do you know what also it is not? Pure rules, time management techniques, 20/80 Pareto rules, strict hours nor The Eisenhower Method of 4 D’s. Don’t get me wrong. I am not saying that they are bad and not working. They all have a pretty strong point. However, from my experience they all have one main defect.

They were designed for men…

If you will look at them closely, you will see them all scream “It’s a man’s world babe”! All those rules were created by men and for men. Period! They are strict, stiff, pragmatic, business or goal (and yet… goal is also usually a business one) oriented. They all focus on “you have to”, “you should”, “do this”, “don’t to that”. And this is why they work so well for men and… let’s face it… not that well for women.


They are missing the aspect of emotions, feelings and satisfaction. They are cold and selfish. Show me a woman that has career, takes care of kids and home and who is selfish at the same time? In our crazy schedules we always find time to listen to our friend, call our mum (-in-law), buy forgotten scissors for kids handcraft day tomorrow at the kindergarten and have a coffee (though too often many women drink it cold). And those are the things you can’t strictly schedule! Those unexpected events need a special way of scheduling and planning.

Just think about it. Do you think Brian Tracy or Tony Robbins when they speak about organizing yourself, they iron own shirts or take care of their kids’ homework? I doubt!

To me time management is not about managing time, but about managing ourselves in a given time ensuring we have no deficit of energy on the way! It’s a female time management that we are talking about!

Many women have this tendency to keep saying “I have to …*” *iron, pick up kids, cook dinner, do dishes, vacuum. I try to teach, that you don’t have to do anything, unless you want. And if you want, then I will help you to deploy all the great tools in a right way ensuing it will work for a woman’s world!

I am not saying that you don’t need time management. Oh dear, if you have long list of things you want to do, then hell yee you need time management but in a female adaptable version! Rules, which you can deploy according to your intuition, emotional needs, with respect to yourself and your own body.

If I did it, you can also do it!

Together we are going to ROCK your management skills!

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