Aga Szczesniak coaching for women in Sydney

Investment that will never fail you

Last Saturday (23rd of November) I had a great pleasure to deliver a short workshop to an amazing group of Polish Women in Sydney.

It happens very often that we have an amazing idea and dream and on the way to their realisation something happens and all of that goes back to the last shelf in the closet. And just like this, our undertakings probably will never see the day light.

During the workshop we discussed various techniques, which could help us visualise our dreams and ideas. We deep-dived into various obstacles, we potentially could encounter once we will decide to work on our idea.

Such obstacles – which I call gremlins – can not only be our thoughts, fears, lack of self confidence, but also surrounding us people, who might have a good intentions, but in most cases would project their own fears and insecurities, lack of finance, lack plan and many many others.

At the end we looked into various way to motivate ourselves on the way

The event was organised by  Rozwojowy Event Polek w Sydney       

So, if you are a creative women interested in self-development and meeting amazing like-minded women and you can speak Polish language, check that group on the FB and join the next event!

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