Here is my story

My name is Aga and I help women build their independence.

I believe every woman has an amazing potential within her to create her own empire, have financial independence, satisfying career, strong relations. Sometimes, she just needs some guidance and support.

I have over 15 years of professional experience, which I gained while living and working in 7 countries on 3 continents and 2 islands. I held managerial positions in the industries dominated by men. I was the only female foreigner senior manager in one of the biggest Japanese IT corporations. I built my brand and recognition in 5 APAC countries* from scratch. I have 5 business degrees and every single day I continue to study and expand my knowledge and skills. I speak 3 languages. I visited 49 countries. I am a “road worrier”, travelling from country to country helping organizations change and supporting women building their independence. I have my own Foundation (NPO), which helps children in orphanages and promotes love for reading.

I have an amazing family and group of friends one could wish for!

My life to many might seems perfect and I will not deny it. However, every success has hidden scars, tears and sweats. I cannot even count how many times I heard “It’s not for you” “You won’t succeed in it” “You are not good enough”.

I got where I am because of traits, tools and skills I gained over years. I make my dreams come true and I will help you how to do it too.

I am certified mediator and coach.

My DNA screams “Nothing is impossible!” and I am here to help you gain your own powers, do your magic and build your own kingdom!

Together we are unstoppable!

 *Japan, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong

Aga Szczesniak coaching for women in Sydney AgaNOW