One day I had a dream...

… I saw women who are happy, feel confident and have control of their life.

I saw independent women who feel fulfilled and who know what they want from life.

I saw women who are proud of their careers and reach for their goals. Who live without restrictions and fear. Who have control over their finance. Who found satisfying life-work balance. Who have passions and dreams.

I saw women who support each other.

One day I had a dream…

And then I woke up and I knew what I need to do!

Start changing your life today

My name is Aga and I am here to help you take control of your life!

I want you to become YOUR OWN HERO! No matter what is it – growing your career in international business, finding 30 min in your super busy day just for yourself, starting your own business or being able to finally save some money for travelling – those are YOUR DREAMS that I will help you make happen.

I will give you tools, I will give you motivation, I will teach you how to manage yourself in time (don’t mistake with time management, because I think this one you already know), I will help you realise what is it that you want, I will show you how to set up your goals and how to successfully deploy changes in your life.

I will help you become independent and feel you again have control of your life!

So, are you ready?

Aga Szczesniak coaching for women in Sydney

Help you can get from me


Designed to emphasize hands-on learning and action plan at the end. Conducted in small groups to ensure the most creative and safe environment for growth.

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A selection of articles, downloadable exercises and tools which will help you develop core skills and build your independence.

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ONE-on-ONE Sessions

Individual coaching or mentoring session supporting you in your journey to full independence and satisfaction.

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