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Why Asia?

Asia with one of the biggest population of more than 3,6 billion people, is home to several emerging market countries making the region one of the most dynamic in the world, an important driver of the world’s economic growth.

Indonesia, the Philippines and Vietnam experience boom in the digital technology thanks to the rapid development of IT infrastructure. Japan boosts its domestic market allowing increased investments of foreign organizations. While, markets like Singapore, Hong Kong or Malaysia are not left behind as they harbor diversified eco-systems for tech startups and financial sector to grow and providing significant sources of revenues for e-commerce and digital services companies.

Nevertheless the huge business potential, Asia with its diversified cultures also has a number of hidden obstacles, very difficult for non-Asians to crack down. Despite a number of available resources about how to succeed in Asia, still most of the U.S. and European companies fail in successfully developing business in the region. From my experience, I can say, there is clearly more to the game than delivering your business card with two hands and knowing how to hold chopsticks. It’s how you make sense of the world and understands how people think and why they think in such way.

My role is to help you to understand how to capitalise on opportunities by understanding the differences between workforces in different Asian markets.

About Aga

1a2For a couple of years now I live in Tokyo, Japan where I successfully develop business in APAC region for Japanese IT corporation. I have 15 years of professional experience, which I gained while living and working in 7 countries. I believe in power of knowledge and therefore, I obtained 5 university degrees in international business, international law, negotiations and mediation. I speak 3 languages and just started to learn the 4th one.

I am also a co-founder and President of NPO in Poland called Miasto Slow, which connects people by organising book clubs and promoting reading. As a part of knowledge and experience sharing, I run various workshops in Asia empowering women in business world. I also lecture on developing business in Asia and Japan at the universities around the world.

As a curious traveller, I visited nearly 50 countries across the world, where I deepen my cross cultural identity. Any spare time I spend on dancing, cooking and reading, at the same time trying to squeeze as much time as I can to spend with people close to me.

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